Gohrisch-ElbseiteConservation Management Plan (CMP) and Master Plan

In the years 2012 and 2013 we developed a Conservation Management Plan for the four hundred year old Göhrisch manor. It will serve the new owner of the manor as the basis for its preservation, maintenance and Management.

 Our research concluded: “The Göhrisch Manor is an outstanding example with historical, archaeological, agricultural, scientific and social significance. The Göhrisch Manor presents a remarkable example of a singular economic and cultural history of a farming estate with a size of GohrischvonSeusslitzabout two hundred acres over a period of how many centuries. Its particular location on the river Elbe, the given topography, the singular components of the Bronze Age and the developments since the late Middle Ages give the estate this extremely exemplary position. The natural features and the expression of a cultural landscape of the place allow to draw parallels to the areas of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and the southern Ahreifel.“

Taking into consideration the interests of nature conservation, monument protection and the law on forests the required mile stones for short, medium and long term sub-projects were defined. These give the owner the necessary support to manage the estate with traditional and new methods in a sustainable way in harmony with nature. One key element in this regard is the reestablishment of a unique vineyard.

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