Welcome – at town squares, in the flower field, in tree avenues, on the protected habitat, in children’s gardens, wildflower meadows, in sports fields, the perennial border, on the lake, in the historic park, in the vineyards, roadsides, on forest roads, at swimming pool, in view relationships and on a green lawn – We dedicate ourselves to this as landscape architects.

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Göhrisch Manor

Gohrisch-ElbseiteConservation Management Plan (CMP) and Master Plan

In the years 2012 and 2013 we developed a Conservation Management Plan for the four hundred year old Göhrisch manor. It will serve the new owner of the manor as the basis for its preservation, maintenance and Management. Weiterlesen

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Chateau Courances

Fifty kilometers south of Paris not only the ancient seat of the French kings of Fontainebleau is located, but also the castle of – as we would say nowadays – a water and forest minister from the 16th century. Weiterlesen

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Schlossallee Moritzburg – Castle Avenue

Autographed sketches of Friedrich August I. (1670-1733) clarify, that the hunting castle Moritzburg should be in connection with the central residence in the city of Dresden. A verbal instruction to the architect Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann (1662 – 1736) was the final start for the avenue in August 1728. Weiterlesen

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Wollaton Hall, Garden and Deer Park

Wollaton Hall is an unique example of an Elizabethan house in Nottingham, in central England. Like a suburban villa near Florence, the hall is situated on top of a hill with view relationships to the city and country side. Weiterlesen

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Grand Tour 2011

 The card is showing 18 parks and gardens:

Kenilworth Castle, Burghley House, Blickling Hall, Levens Hall, Powis Castle, Fountains Abbey, Holkam Hall Weiterlesen

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Study Tours

Journeys, visits or study tours to parks, gardens and designed landscapes are undertaken in order to examine and analyse the various forms of expressions in garden design and their changes that have occurred over long periods of time. In this regard elements of these cultural landscapes, such as hunting stars of the 16th century, the grand axis and avenues of the 17th and 18th century, city layouts and decorations with exotic plants of the 19th century, or sports grounds (Golf, Polo, Football etc.), avenues of trees and arterial roads of the 20th century are of interest. Weiterlesen

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Gibberd Garden

Around 1957 Frederick Gibberd bought the land at Marsh Lane. A house, a gazebo with grotto, the pool and the lime avenue were built between 1907 and 1920. Thus four important elements of the garden already existed at that time. Weiterlesen

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Claremont Place

The designed landscape at Claremont Place is an outstanding example for the development of the English Landscape Design from the 1710s to the first half of the 19th century. Weiterlesen

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Burghley House

The park at Burghley House is one of the typical great multi-layered designed landscapes. On an aerial photograph a High Baroque Style and a Serpentine Style could be identified. Weiterlesen

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